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Our Mission Statement
"To protect the physical safety of the worker and the financial security and success of the client"

Special Offer!
Confined Space Rescue Standby as low as $1,499 a day*

Greenville Safety will provide on site rescue services & Confined Space Entry Managment for up to a 10 hour day. Your team can focus on the task at hand. We will provide the rescue gear, atmospheric monitoring, Ventilation up to 11,000 CFM's.
Our rescue technicians are trained professionals including First Aid & CPR.

Seconds count in confined spaces, dont let your rescue be minutes away. 911 is not a preferred rescue plan as per OSHA. At GSC, we never leave your side.

Speak to a rescue technician to find out more.

*price includes Rescue Technician & Equipment, call for additional details
Our Training, Your Schedule
Ever wonder if your team is working safely on your remote sites? Random Safety Audits from Greenville Safety will keep you up to date on the overall safety condition on site through real time, confidential reporting. Our field safety technicians will drive safety home with direct interaction with your Project Managers and provide on the spot coaching and suggest corrective actions with workers to increase the overall safety culture.  Daily, weekly or monthly audit schedules available.
Training Specials
Fall Protection Training
As low as $49.00

Confined Space Entry Training
As low as $49.00
MSHA Training specialists. Call for information on our "Mine Safety" training offerings.