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Products & Training for Your " In-House" Confined Space Needs
We can provide Confined Space Entry training. As well as, help you develop your in house "Rescue Team", perform necessary annual practice and evaluations or even consult and supply you with "Confined Space Entry" specialized rescue equipment that will best fit your needs.
On-Site Rescue Standby Services Provided 
by GSC

One call can solve all of your concerns. Our CSE rescue team can manage your entry and provide all atmospheric monitoring, ventilation and rescue equipment. Our CSE Rescue team is standing by and ready to roll.

Benefits of GSC Rescue Services

* Safest Possible Solution!
* Some local Fire Departments no longer offer
* Personnel Changes / Staffing Issues
* Our team is skilled, equipped & ready
* Great fit for plant shutdowns and infrequent services to your facility
* Work along side your team to service demanding clients 
* No waiting for extended 911 response times
* No large equipment investment and maintenance costs

Fatality & $331,000 in fines issued in
Confined Space Electrocution !!!
OSHA has cited Insight Pipe Contracting LLC for workplace safety and health violations following an employee’s electrocution and has issued $331,101 in proposed penalties to the Harmony, Pa.-based contractor.

OSHA opened a safety investigation after an employee suffered fatal electrocution. Two employees who attempted to assist him were hospitalized after receiving electrical shocks.

The employees were making a trenchless sewer repair when the incident occurred. OSHA conducted a subsequent health investigation upon referral from the

OSHA safety compliance officer who investigated the fatality, cited the company for the following violations:

  • Failing to develop and implement procedures for confined space entry;
  • Not training employees on confined space hazards;
  • Failing to conduct atmospheric testing before permitting entry into a sewer line;
  • Failing to use a retrieval line; and
  • Not completing proper permits.
The agency has placed the company on the OSHA:

GSC "Rescue Team" on the job!
GSC's Confined Space Rescue
& Standby Service
Confined Space Rescue Standby
If Your confined space requires a permit, then OSHA requires " To facilitate non-entry rescue, retrieval systems or methods shall be used whenever an authorized entrant enters a permit space, unless the retrieval equipment would increase the overall risk of entry or would not contribute to the rescue of the entrant." 1910.146(k)(3)

From small tanks or silo's, to larger jobs spanning miles of pipe. Our trained rescue technicians will be on-site with customized equipment & solutions to ensure the safety of your personnel and assist with the planning of your next "Permit Required Confined Space Entry" or (PRCS).

If you have a rescue team of your own, we can provide the performance evaluation or initial evaluation to maintain compliance with 1910.146 (k) (2)(iv)
Ensure that affected employees practice making permit space rescues at least once every 12 months, by means of simulated rescue operations in which they remove dummies, manikins, or actual persons from the actual permit spaces or from representative permit spaces. Representative permit spaces shall, with respect to opening size, configuration, and accessibility, simulate the types of permit spaces from which rescue is to be performed.)

We also sell CSE productsfor your rescue team to make sure they have the proper equipment for rescue in your confined spaces
 Is 911 your  
rescue plan?

"OSHA recognizes that NOT ALL rescue services or emergency providers are trained and equipped to conduct confined space rescue. "
In Rural areas, 911 response times average just under 15 minutes. When it comes to toxic substances or any immediate danger to life & health...minutes, even seconds can mean the difference between life and death. That is not even considering the time it takes to set up all of the complicated equipment to perform a rescue in confined space. Some  Local Fire Departments  have actually started to refuse to provide such services.  Having a Rescue team onsite, with a "Pre-Planned" rescue strategy and all the necessary equipment to carry out that plan, is the best practice. We continuously ventilate monitor the air in the space for any changes to Oxygen levels, lower explosive limits and any other toxic substances such as C02 or Hydrogen Sulfide, to protect you personnel and your facility. Call us for a free consultation on our Confined Space Entry & Rescue Standby services and find out just how competitive our prices can be.
What is a Confined Space?
By definition, a confined space:
  • Is large enough for an employee to enter fully and perform assigned work;
  • Is not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee; and
  • Has a limited or restricted means of entry or exit.
These spaces may include underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, pits and diked areas, vessels, silos and other similar areas.

By definition, a permit-required confined space has one or more of these characteristics:
  • Contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere;
  • Contains a material with the potential to engulf someone who enters the space;
  • Has an internal configuration that might cause an entrant to be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor that slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross section; and/or
  • Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards.